by Michelle Hazen


If you could see the state of me, it’s is totally shameful!

One whiff of a sexy assed cowboy story and I am a basket case, so when this little beauty hit my kindle screen I just couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

But I was in for more of a shock than I had anticipated because whilst it was to be expected almost that this guy was going to rock my literary world so to speak, what I hadn’t anticipated was the depth of character that the author was going to plough into him, he was so much more …please believe me when I say that you really need to get to know LJ.
I loved his flirty nature, his quick wit and his dirty mouth but there was so much more to him that he was willing to show the world most of the time. He was deeper than that, a man that was deeply passionate about everything and everyone that mattered to him and that didn’t suffer fools gladly, nope he knew the pitfalls and passions of life and he rode his way through them all beautifully.

Andra’s life and personality were complicated, she could have been the sort of woman that played on the fact that she had parents that ensured her life was full and rich but she didn’t, she was a grafter, a woman that was willing to get her hands dirty and had done so with monotonous regularity …right up until the life she knew had been irrevocably changed…or so she thought.

Andra suffered a terrible assault and whilst she understood that dealing with what happened to her was never going to be easy, she found it all so much more complicated because it seemed as if those around her were unable to let it go either. The constant reminders of the events had her burying her soul in the day to day drudgery hoping that one day it would all just be a fleeting memory.

Of everyone that she encountered, it was LJ that was able to get through the toughened exterior, he was able to see the woman that she was, not the victim others seemed fixated on. He pushed her buttons in every way possible and in turn their interactions illuminated an aspect of human nature that wasn’t exactly pleasant that surrounded them.

I like that the author was willing to include what could for some be a touchy subject and to highlight that no one is immune to the impropriety of racism.

Super descriptive with a lot of miles left in the tank, this wasn’t just a story, this was a lesson.

One not to be forgotten easily.


Topic: UNBREAK ME by Michelle Hazen

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