End of Day

by Jewel E Ann


This is a part of a trilogy, which I have to admit that I initially was peeved about because this author writes some spectacular standalone’s and I had anticipated that this would be the same, but having now finished the book, I have to say I am glad it is a trilogy because I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

I loved the way the story meandered, waved and wandered its way through both the past and present lives of its enigmatic characters.

I also loved the way that the storyline was so diverse, it branched off at sharp angels and elusive tangents, leaving me with questions that I was desperate to have answered.

The book pieced together so much that I was blown away but the detail.

It was expertly pieced together and when required it was absolutely handled with complete sensitivity.

But it wasn’t all serious, it some points it was loud out loud funny, especially Jackson and Jillian.

They had a twisted relationship in a way but not because it was wrong, it was them that was slightly off kilter, I was smiling at them much of the time, laughing at them a lot of the time, as shaking my head in disbelief rather a lot, but their band of crazy just seemed to work.

The relationship between Jillian and AJ was completely intense, I think that is probably the correct way to describe it, it was so full on it was almost out of control but switch over to Jessica and Luke and you have a relationship that was almost as awe-inspiring but not quite as mental.

The book is sensational, I loved the whole thing but I have to say the last chapter knocked me on my ass, it was astonishing!

I am hanging out now for the next book!!