The Stars in the Sky by Leslie McAdam


I laughed myself silly at points in this book and couldn’t help but draw comfort from the fact that there are some sources of political commentary at the moment that should really read this and then take stock of the fact that they just take themselves too seriously!

This was a funny, sexy read, one that didn’t take too much thinking about and but one that blew away the political clouds that seems to like waft around and linger like a bad smell.

So what the heck was going on in the author head when she penned this little smasher and threw one democratic counsellor and a republican cowboy together because surely in anybody’s book, she was creating the recipe for a perfect disaster…well think again this pair are about to redraw their own political landscape!

Marie takes up a summer role, helping at Summer Camp, she loves what she does so the opportunity to become camp counsellor is the perfect way for her to spend her time. But meeting Will, the republican cowboy is the likes of which her political nightmares are made of and just might just get her dream job off to a nightmare start.

They may be at opposite ends of the political spectrum but that sure doesn’t seem to dampen their libido’s.

The heat is turn to intense and the banter and rhetoric is really funny but they soon learn that there are some aspects of their lives that they are both singing from the same hymn sheet…especially when it comes to events behind the bedroom door.

Marie is hard work at times and there was more than one occasion when I could have quite easily given her a kick up the butt.

But Will was more than a match and it was only because of him that I kept reading but when I flipped over the last page, I was glad that I had given this little read the change to brighten my day.

Topic: The Stars in the Sky by Leslie McAdam

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