Melody's Key

by Dallas Coryell


The detail of the book is a secondary factor for me because in this case it was the feel of the book that made far more of an impact.

There was an air of familiarity about this story, no, not that I had read anything similar before, quite the opposite if truth be told, I think it felt familiar because the author brought an ease to the story that almost felt as if I was falling back in step with an old friend.

The author drew me the most glorious picture with his words and made sure that everything I needed to fill that picture with glorious colours was given to me in the most absolute detail.

He left nothing to chance, he was evocatively descriptive, refreshingly optimistic and gloriously romantic.

There was a sensitive naivety about the book, it was almost genteel in some respects but I think that’s was because it was so beautifully written, the author gave his character’s respect and allowed their story to evolve in a way that was fitting to them both.

It was bang up to date in as much as its delivery, the attitude and vocabulary were very much as you would expect from a contemporary work but the reflective passages were some of the most interesting to me, the look back through time, was intriguing and definitely worth a closer look…perhaps.

With a hope and longing for a past not quite fulfilled and a future open to direction, this was a fabulous romance with a few twists and turns thrown in along the way. With characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with and a happy ever after that you are praying they achieve, I can guarantee that you will finish the story with a huge smile on your face.

A new author to add to my one click must haves – loved it!

Topic: Melody's Key by Dallas Coryell

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