Unravel Me by Ann Montgomery

This is the continuation of Alex and Caleb’s story and I have to say it was as super read.

The two of them have always marched to a slightly different beat than everybody else but they have made it work, so far.

But can that continue?

Can the divisions that they have worn so well up until now, be finally swept aside or will they be broken?

I was so sure they had what it would take to make it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read about any doubts or hardships – you know what it is like when you already have your happy ever after mapped out in your head and then and author ups and throws a spanner in the works – well that was this book for me.

I have convinced myself I knew what was coming, how it was all going to end and then Ms Montgomery got her claws into them and turned my nice neat little plan all up on it head!

But I will thank her because the story that she gave me was more than I have imagined and it had me on tenterhooks wondering what the heck was going on.

The elements of mystery and intrigue were perfectly pitched and held my attention for every single minute.

But you need to read this for yourself because what I had thought and what I got may not be what you consider – that is after all the beauty of reading!

The book is a short sharp gallop, no sooner are you completely devoured by it than you are flicking across the last page! But what a ride in between!!!!

I loved the first book in this series but I have to say that this was a completely different story – no, not that I didn’t love it because I did – it was just a better book if that makes sense- even though the couple were the same, the events that surrounded them just made more sense and made me think more – I liked that and I loved them.