The Wrong Kind of Love

by Lexi Ryan

A new series form Lexi Ryan…Yes Please!
The first in The Boys of Jackson Harbor series, I thought that this hit every single mark, it was quickly engaging, with characters that were intelligent and down to earth. This was contemporary romance at its best.
Nic packs her bags and leaves town when she discovers that her fiancé has been stepping out on her, with her sister no less. Now I can only imagine what that must have been like but I am darn certain that I would have been leaving a trail of broken limbs on my way out the door, but Nic, isn’t me and she just needs to make a fresh start …hence her arrival in Jackson Harbor.
It doesn’t take long for her to end up in yet another pickle altogether when she takes up what should have been her sister's role as nanny to the delightful Lily, daughter to the equally delightful if somewhat broody Dr Ethan Jackson. Now, you would have thought that she would have had just about enough of mistakes and misgivings but with Ethan in the frame, all sense and sensibility goes completely out the window and it doesn’t take long for the pair of them to end up with decisions to make.
Can Ethan move on, following the death of his wife? Is he even ready to begin to contemplate what that would entail? How will he feel when he realises that the nanny he has is not the person he thought?
There were hurdles and obstacles throughout the book that were only ever going to test their resolve. It wasn’t a question of whether they could overcome them it was more a question of how quickly.
I thought they were equally matched, they had both suffered heartache and pain at the loss of someone they loved, yes Ethan’s wife had passed but the hurt that both of their hearts had experienced didn’t differentiate. Nic’s pain was just as traumatic, she lost the man that’s he loved and was going to spend her life with and her sister at the same time, a betrayal like that takes time to overcome. If ever.
I thought the author played well on the fact that both had trust issues, they both had a lot to not only love but lose, they hadn’t yet worked out who they were as individuals given their situations, let alone work through what and who they could be together. I enjoyed the humour and the sensitivity of the read, they both brought a lot to the page.
A slick, swift read that laid a solid foundation or the series, but word of warning…keep your wits about you there is a LOT going on!!