Beyond the Bases

by Kaylee Ryan

Who doesn’t want a sweet read on a sultry summers evening, and with this that is exactly what you get.

Full to the brim with characters that you can’t help but get involved with, this is an instant love story for not just Easton and Larissa but the reader too.

Larissa, has a life full of responsibility, her life as a single mother outweighing everything else and her determination to ensure that she can protect herself means that she finds it difficult to see why someone like Easton would be interested in her. In some regards I got that she had been hurt before but in reality she didn’t have to worry because Easton was a man to be taken at his word, he didn’t beat about the bush and made no apologies for the fact that when he set his mind on something he wasn’t going to stop until he got it…and this case that meant Larissa, good job he was a determined so and so because in this case it was definitely a case of “patience is a virtue”!

A true romance, that had everything I could have possibly wished for, fantastic characters, superb descriptions, just the right amount of angst (very little that is) and a whole lotta love…I was blown away, certainly one of my favourite reads of the year so far.


Topic: Beyond the Bases by Kaylee Ryan

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