by DB James

A new author to me, Rhys by DB James will be a firm favourite on my kindle for a while to come I can assure you.

From almost the first chapter this was one that simply could put down.

I loved the fact that it was told in from Rhys’s point of view, he was a challenging characters to say the least but it was very entertaining getting to experience things from his perspective. I will say straight away that you need to give him a little leeway, he isn’t an easy man and you may very well find him a little on the tetchy side but stick with him!

Happy in his own company, Rhys is content with his limited social interaction and his slim social circle that following the death of his friend Vinny, tips him over the edge almost, he is absolutely determined to find out who killed him and why?

Averill was a light in Rhys world that appeared when he least expected it. And after a lifetime of looking over her shoulder she thought she was finally safe enough, settled in her own skin and until Rhys that was probably all she would have wanted but there was a chemistry between the two of them that drew the pair of them together and that despite the danger that lurks in Rhys’s life, refuse to allow them to stay away.

If only she knew the impact that being with a guy like Rhys would have on her life and the danger that loving a man like him would put her in.

Rhys never thought that he would be the guy responsible for bringing danger to Averill’s door but now he has, what can he do to make sure that she remains safe?

As irritating as Rhys was initially I have to say that he came good in the long run and why he was reluctant to resort to the man that he had tried to keep under wraps for so long, he knew that with Averill …everything was different!

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