The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

I don’t think I will be the only person to actually say this but it felt really strange reading a Christmas based story in September. I am normally to sort of person that hangs off doing anything at all connected to the festive period right up until the last minute but I am really pleased that I gave this a shot because it was a sweet read.

Willa was a hoot, the crazy woman with a love for all things festive. She owns her own business, a pet store but that isn’t all that makes this woman tick. Having been through the system, and having spent time with foster families while she was growing up and it was her desire to help others that I actually like most about her.

But with a business and the girls that she is so determined to help, taking up most of her time, there is very little time left for herself and as such her personal life has taken a back seat but will it always be like that or could this be a very special Christmas this year?

Well, when Keane Winters enters her life, I was certainly hoping so.

If ever you are looking for a hero, look no further Keane has it down pat!

Keane was a good guy, honestly he was the perfect guy man for Willa, I just hoped that she wouldn’t deprive herself of the opportunity to be happy. Keane knew what he was after, he knew the relationship he wanted and he was willing to put himself out there to get it, he was willing to show her that together they had a shot at being happy but was Willa willing to meet him half way?  Dang woman I hope so cause if not I think I might have him for myself he was completely swoon-worthy!

I don’t want to bang on about the story it isn’t needed. Because when it comes down to it this was a really sweet story, it had a little bit of steam but nothing that was in conflict with the rest of the story, it was all perfectly well compartmentalised and that fitted in with the picture I had in my head of the two of them. It had lovely characters and a superb supporting cast, there was a plethora of secondary characters that piqued my interest.

Topic: The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

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