Going for the Hole

by L.P. Dover

3.75 Stars

I want to say that I totally fell in love with this but for some reason, I just can’t.
I thought I would adore it, after all, I haven’t read anything else that has this setting but for me, that is where I could have stopped because once the story got started, I just felt as if it fell into a pattern that was a little more predictable that I would have wanted.
Please don’t think I am being pedantic, because I really did want to love the book, I am a huge golf fan and I thought it would be right up my street, I was wrong.
I will say that whilst it didn’t sweep me off my feet, that doesn’t mean that I hated every word because I didn’t …it was well written and funny at times. But overall…it just didn’t blow me away.
I enjoyed the humour that ensued between Ashley and Lucas after all they both had issues to overcome, he had to get past the wall of hurt that surrounded her and she had to get over the fact that this was a man that could have any woman he wants and has probably had before but he wanted her!
He did his best to show her that he was more than the stereotypical sports superstar, but did she have it in her to trust him with a heart that had been hung out to dry in the past?

Topic: Going for the Hole by L.P. Dover

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