Bad Impressions by Franca Storm


You do not date your best mate’s little sister – it usually only ends in tears and possibly a broken nose!

But Sophie Clinton can’t forget the one night she had with her bothers BFF, and even though it was a few years ago, now she is back in town she can’t help but reminisce and reliving that night is pretty high on her list of things she wouldn’t mind doing all over again.

Brad doesn’t do relationships, but with Sophie he always felt like there could have been more, if it hadn’t been for the fact she was Ollie’s sister. All the time she had been away he has never forgotten her but he hasn’t exactly let the grass grow under his feet either.

Sophie’s life away from the town hasn’t ended well, the guy she was in a relationship with ended up being a bully and very abusive and now that she is free of him, she just wants to make sure that she leaves him exactly where he should be, in her past but that means keeping the details about what happened to herself.

Landing herself a job in the local bookstore, Sophie is finally finding her feet, she knows that Brad’s mum owns the store and that she has always had a hankering that they would get together but what is done is done and a Sophie needs to work.

I liked the fact that Brad was as keen as Sophie to pick up where their one light left off, that he was mindful of Ollie but his restraint was tested and it wasn’t easy on anyone.

When he finally got the message that Sophie was thinking along the same wavelength as he was, there was no stopping them and once they got into a full on relationship the sparks flew.

Sophie was honest enough to let Brad in on what was going on with her ex but she made a mistake in not telling her brother because when he showed up in town it was Ollie that unwittingly put Sophie in danger.

Brad was frantic when he cottoned on to what had happened and despite the fact that he knew that Sophie was able to take care of herself now – he had shown her what to do if she was ever in a vulnerable situation, he still knew that the woman he loved was in danger and that had every testosterone filled cell in his body screaming at him to find her and keep her safe.

I loved the connection between them and the fact that the story was sincere. They had a past and were true to it but they did not dismiss the events that had taken place since then. It was refreshing to see the honesty between them and the fact that Sophie was prepared to open up to Brad and let him share the pain that had brought her back. I understood is anger but it was her fight and they didn’t need to start afresh with the past coming between them.

A great story, one that I fully enjoyed.


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