Sessions by Kailin Gow

What happens when your boundaries become blurred and everything you dream about belongs to someone else?

Well in this the first of the new Sex Shrink of Seattle series by Kailin Gow, we are introduced to just that dilemma.

To the outside world Dr Mark Sessions has it all and in bucket loads but what he doesn’t have is the one woman he covets.

Guiding the lonely, needy and desperate through how to make their relationships work, is all lip service for him, because he cannot and won’t commit, the only woman he has ever harboured those feelings for belongs to someone else… until the day she walks into his office and that line is beginning to blur more every minute. Can he keep his desire under wraps?

Mark and Lina are good characters, although I took a little time to warm to Mark, he is not the easiest person to get a handle on. Not one likely to be backward at making his feelings know, this sex expert is to all intents and purpose a bit of a man whore, if truth be told but when the great and good coming looking for his assistance, he is far from wanting!

Lina was a different story, I liked her straight off the bat and I hope that in the next instalment we get a little more of what makes her tick. Why is she so worried about her relationship with her fiancé, I mean needing help and you haven’t even tied the knot yet – there is definitely something more to that tale, just screaming to be told.

There was enough in the story, short as it was that not only kept my attention and piqued my interest. I am looking forward to the next session and to see what the author has in store for both Mark and Lina