Heart of Steel by K E Osborn

One of my go to authors of 2015 has kicked this new year of with bang and taken a foray into one of my favourite genres…an MC novel!

I was super excited to get my teeth into this as if the previous works have been anything to go by this was a hands down winner…and I was not disappointed, Ms Osborn I doff my hat to you, you hit the ground running with this and now that the motor is revving I can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

This is Willow and Steel’s story and if ever there was a case of opposite attract then it is this pair, they are as far apart on the spectrum as you could possibly imagine…or are they?

Willow was her mother’s perfect child, the obedient little girl that toe the line but she is no little girl anymore and she is ready to cut loose, to live a little and to find out for herself all about the things her mamma thought she never needed to know.

Especially what it is like to be the bad girl for once!!!

And finding just the sort of man that her mother wouldn’t want to see walking up the path is going to prove a little easier than she had imagined, especially when her nice ordered life is intersected by the world that is Steel and the Satan’s Savages MC.

Steel has lived and breathed the MC his entire life, he has learnt the ropes at eth knee of its president, his father but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t give his right arm to know what life minus the violence would be like. Life in the club is harsh and hard but with no other point of reference, Steel can only imagine what else he could have had.

But when he and Willow meet, the instant attraction may just answer both their questions. Because for Willow he is the man she has been searching for and for Steel, Willow is his peek into the world he was born to be denied.

Being together is a path down which they will need to tread very carefully as it is littered with both danger and deceit. They face trouble from every quarter and unfortunately it some of it is directed from the men that Steel call bothers.

The story is one that doesn’t hold back, but that is to be expected by this author, she leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of excellence and this is just that…excellent!

Topic: Heart of Steel by K E Osborn

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