The Family Man by Kelly Eadon

This is not the first book in the series but I don’t think I lost anything in the fact that I hadn’t actually read book one. The characters stood tall on their own and their story was one that I really, really enjoyed.

Beth was like the energizer bunny, her enthusiasm was infectious, working multiple jobs, she was finally starting over and  enjoying the path that she had set for herself, especially when that path lead her to the door or the delicious Griffin.

Griffin though had priorities that were focussed on an entirely different woman, or should I say little lady because the most important female in his life was his daughter May and everything else played second fiddle. I actually liked the way the author didn’t underplay the fact that he had a child and that she was willing to show just how hard it is having and being in a relationship when there are children or as is this case a child involved. Parental responsibilities are paramount and the author made sure that, that point was not lost in the story.

It was a refreshing that the author was able to get across the fact that they both really wanted to instigate a relationship but that they were both looking at the situation from effectively the same standpoint, what would them being together do to Griffin’s daughter May.

Beth tried so hard to get him to notice her and he did but that didn’t stop the nerves from either of them being tampered down by the stakes that they were both perfectly well aware of and with issues weighing heavy on his mind and secrets weighing heavily in his heart Griffin knew that in order to move forward he had a few home truths that he had to divulge first but will he be able to open up before he loses his chance completely?

The book was an easy finish in an afternoon and I was able to keep a comfortable pace throughout. The secondary characters, namely May – (although thinking on it she wasn’t really a secondary character, the whole situation had her at the centre) was fabulously entertaining.

The author didn’t skimp on the adult themes though because once this pair managed to get themselves together they didn’t hold back and they were just the right side of smouldering.

Overall the story was one that could be summed up as being delightfully honest and beautifully refreshing.

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