Hardman by Samantha Fontien

This is a step away from your normal hardman/tough guy novel and despite of should I say in spite of the title I was in awe of this story.

This is what I imagined a London Hardman would not only be like but sound like and as a brit, I have to say Samantha – you nailed this!

I loved the fact that this is told in the first person that this is a very personal and realistic view of how and what Gov’s life was like.

The deviancy and deprivation, the sheer thuggery that was so apparent that even when only intimated was enough to raise the heckles on the back of my neck. The perception of danger, the cruel and harsh intent were so encompassing that it was difficult at times to find an available moment to take not only a breath but stock of the situation.

This was not for the faint hearted but the author made that perfectly clear at the very beginning, this was rough and harsh it told the life of a man that relished the life that he had carved out for himself and one that he was determined never too fail at.

His name and reputation were his calling card, they were what defined him and that was ok in his book, because it meant that those around him knew what they were getting into when the stepped over the line and he had to get his hands dirty, which was no hardship, he had cut his teeth making sure that the harsher, more violent aspects of his manor were something that he completely embraced.

This man owned his streets, those around him feared him and women fawned over him, but the one woman that may just be his downfall may also be the one that completes him in a way that he might not be able to completely understand.

I was blown away by the writing and the tone of this book, yes it is violent and some of the tone and context are extreme but they are perfectly in context and bang on the money with regards to characterisation.

This is a story that will blow away the cobwebs of what you would normally read within this genre, it takes the whole alpha male concept and ratchets it up a gear.

This man holds nothing back and the book is testament to the harsh reality of a life that for some while it may appear unfathomable is very real – or elements of it are.

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