Girl in the Mirror

by Elizabeth Reyes

This was a kick up from some of the previous works I have read by this author, I loved the way that she took the characters in a direction that I hadn’t anticipated and gave the story a little more angst than I thought, there was definitely more “what if’s” lurking round in this story, more questions and a whole heap more suspense.

There was a lot going on in Maggie’s story and I urge you to allow it to play out without trying to second guess what and why things are the way they are, because all will eventually become clear and I think it is best heard from Maggie’s perspective.

There was so much going on that I think I might have lost my mind trying to piece it all together., although I have to say that some of the clues were a little more obvious than others.

Maggie’s journey is touching, it is her attempt to piece together not only what and where she came from but who and what is important to her future. What is she missing and why?

With a plethora of secondary characters that I am dying to get to know a lot better, I am delighted that this book is the first in a series that will intertwine, Girl in the Mirror is a comfortable standalone read but it is also the book that opens the door to a whole new world from the delicious mind of Ms Reyes.

Topic: Girl in the Mirror by Elizabeth Reyes

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