by Chelsea Camaron

3.75 Stars
Looking for a happy ever after, this is not your book because after everything that the book holds so close to its chest throughout each and every page, you will be left wondering what the **** just happened by the time you get to the end because I’m still flummoxed!
This is an author that although I have read her work before, knocked the wind out of my sails with this one. It was everything I didn’t know I needed to read at this time and I was hooked.
Had I thought about it or perhaps read the blurb or reviews prior to opening the book, I’m not sure I would have picked the book up but I am glad I did. This took a taboo subject and for the most part gave a confused, struggling young woman hope.
Was it traditional… not a chance
Was it misguided…perhaps
Was it inappropriate…to some, probably.
Was it wrong… who are we to judge!
Angelina and Giano were a pair like no other. Their age difference set them apart but the intensity for their feelings refused to be subdued. The way he cared for her was the route to her soul, it was the one thing that she craved, some that was willing to show her that she was worth their time, worth their love.
It is true that some will have issues with the level of feeling that there is between the two of them but after what she has been through who could blame her. Was he praying on her insecurities and her exploitation?
Heck was he exploiting her for himself and if he was, for what end? Was he as damaged as she was or was this just a master manipulator at work?
Well the answer to that question that is something you will have to work out on your own as you read the story but what I can say is that although she was thigh deep in secrets and lies, I couldn’t quite make my mind up about what they really meant to each other and I think, for me anyway that the author perhaps meant that to be the case, to keep me (the reader) on my toes.
What I can say though is that ending – dear lord, if I was confused before, by the time I was finished I was wondering what the heck was going on, had he lost his mind!! Totally not what I had anticipated …ever!
I get that this may not be for everyone but what cannot be denied is the fact that this was a fabulously well written and evocative story. It took a taboo and gave it reason, it showed not only how but why things like this happen and that not everyone adheres to convention.


Topic: Stay by Chelsea Camaron

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