Love at Lucky Stables

by Ashley Hampton

Whatever it is about the stables, I think it is about time they started to market it because like the title states, there is a little bit of magic surrounding the place and with Shane and Emily that magic seems to hit the spot.

Overall I thought the story was a sweet read and I don’t say that in any way to put it down, it kept me highly entertained, perfectly filling the time it took me to have lunch and leaving me with a sense of achievement as I made my way back to my desk…started and finished in one quick and easy session, certainly brought a smile to my face.

The first book I have undertaken from this author I thought she crammed a lot in to just a few pages, she was able to give the characters enough personality and charm to keep me engaged.

The chemistry between the main characters was instantaneous, right off the bat there was never any doubt where this storyline was heading but the question was, for how long would it last?

Shane was great, I really took to him he seemed to be the perfect cowboy but it was obvious that there was more to him and by the time his secret was revealed I couldn’t help but smile at just who he was but it was Emily that stole the show for me, she was such a feisty woman, she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to say her piece.

Very entertaining and well written, the best tonic for a dreary day.

Topic: Love at Lucky Stables by Ashley Hampton

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