Molly Part Two by Tracy Lorraine

So back on the ride with Ryan and Molly and I felt as if my heart was being handed to me on a plate…they were really struggling to hide the true feelings they harboured towards each other, so when they eventually had, had enough they resolved to give what they were feeling a chance.

I was so pleased for them but I couldn’t help but worry that no matter how happy they were, it wasn’t going to be easy, they had external forces that were going to come into play and none worse that Ryan’s mother, who seemed to almost set herself the task of splitting them up. What is your problem woman??

I loved the interaction between Ryan and Molly, the fact that Ryan was determined to show Molly that she, no they deserved to be happy, no matter how much she seemed to worry that it was all going to fall apart. I laughed at the interactions between her and Jax, the guy brought a certain something to the story that neither Ryan or Molly could but add them all in together and you have a story that only grew in stature.

I love the fact that the author pitched in extra characters into the story and has almost laid the ground work for a story about Jax and Ryan’s sister…well a girl can hope can’t she?

The author flexed a little more muscle in this story, the book contained a little more of just about everything.

It was happier than I imagined but that happiness was also perfectly tinged with its own side note of sadness. They travelled through a sea of emotions as the story unfurled but each step was a step closer to a future that I had been keeping my fingers crossed for.

I am looking forward to seeing what this author brings to the table next!

Topic: Molly Part Two by Tracy Lorraine

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