Lies by Jade C Jamison

I’ve put my foot in it again and started at the back end of a series, yep I know I deserve a sound slap upside the head but it is too late now, so I am taking a good look at this book and this book alone in this review and will back track to the rest of the series in a day or so.

I’ve no idea what the heck went on in the last book but dang that first chapter of this one was a doozy, I was crying before I could get to the last word and had my fingers crossed that I was going to be able to survive the rest of the tale.

This was a very emotional story but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

Nicki is on the hunt for clues as to what exactly is going on with Cecil and Gina, I was quick to pick up on the fact that she was knee deep in her investigation but that investigation was littered with danger.

She can’t afford to take anything at face value and she certainly has to be economical with both the truth and who she can trust, and to be honest I actually think if I had been her I would have just refused to talk to anyone, it was all so complicated.

Who would have known that her small little town would have held so many deviants, so much corruption?

I really hate dirty cop stories, and No I am not saying I hate this story, let me clarify, I fully understand that these fallen good guys make exceptional baddies and the author had that part nailed, but people who have sworn to protect, to uphold our laws succumbing to illegal activities of any kind just get my back up, I hate dishonesty and they seem to personify that for me.

But what about Nicki, I actually liked her, I liked her tenacity, her determination and boy did she need to draw on every single drop of that, throughout the book, because time and time again she was back to the wall, life really was playing a cruel game with her and from what I could see I think life was doing its utmost to break her.

This was an intriguing read for me, but that is my own fault, I will re-read in order after I have finished the previous stories and I think that I will get more from the story, following the timeline that the author has set for it but what cannot be denied is the quality of the writing, the execution of the characterisation and the detail with which the author brings the story to life.

I faltered with this book not the other way round, but I will say that despite my clumsiness, this was a really good book, but the series should be read in order


Topic: Lies by Jade C Jamison

Date: 01/03/2016

By: Jade C. Jamison

Subject: Lies

Thank you for the lovely review. I can't wait to see what you think of Nicki once you read the other books! :)

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