A Change in Tide

by Freya Barker

From start to finish this was a fantastic read, I quite simply couldn’t put it down.

I thought the author brought me a couple in Jared and Mia that simply wanted to sit down with in the pub and enjoy their company.

I loved the fact that Mia was so strong, she had been through so much but was determined to dig in and leave them in the past, despite the fact that she knew it was going to push her to her limits. I had my fingers crossed that she was strong enough to achieve her goals, although if I am honest I had no doubt that she would get there I just didn’t know how much it would take out of her in the process.

As I expect from this author the quality of the writing was exquisite, she is able to nail the tone of characters, to ensure that they were characters that I wanted to read, she makes their plight so credible, so easy to understand and so easy to get drawn it too.

I got completely carried away with the flow of the book that time slipped away from me and I found my eyes betraying me in the early hours as I tried to get to the end … I relented no wanting to miss a thing and laid the book down only to pick it up first thing again early the following morning to complete.

As I said at the start of this review, from start to finish this was superb, it had characters that I loved and found very, very easy to fall in love with.

Topic: A Change in Tide by Freya Barker

Date: 08/05/2017

By: Freya Barker

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you so much for a fabulous review!!

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