by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

While I thought the story was a super read, I will admit that this isn’t my favourite work by these very talented authors.

I liked the characters, Dex and Bianca, both brought a lot to the page but I thought that the basis of the story was laid out fairly early on and for me that meant that a lot of the angst that I would have hoped to have been present just didn’t seem to have had enough of an opportunity to sink its teeth in.

Yes, they had their mishaps, their misunderstandings and everything else that went along with the fact that Dex was effectively trying to woo her as someone else, but it was a little sanitised for me.

I never had any doubt that when she found out not only who he was but why he had done what he had done, she would forgive him …I just wanted her to kick off a little more.

Dex threw caution to the wind when he pursued her, this mega rich publicity shy CEO who wanted nothing more than to not be the disappointment that his father had been, was willing to step outside his comfort zone to show win the woman that his heart had told him was his.

But would Bianca see his effort for what it was or would his subterfuge be a step too far?

Opinionated and set in her ways, Bianca is a journalist for the Financial Times with the task of interviewing the elusive Dexter Truitt, full of preconceived notions, I didn’t know whether I was going to get along with her at first and for a sizeable portion of the start of the book, it was Dex that carried my interest completely. But as the situation snowballed and the reasoning behind her attitude emerged, I began to see her in a different light and while I was still rooting for Dex, I was also praying that she would see the true reason behind his actions, the way he felt about her.

The authors injected so much humour and patter into the story that this was a couple that you can’t help but get drawn in by, they had a fabulous connection and while it may have gotten off to a shaky start, the pair of them had all the makings of a relationship that was destined to matter but was there a sting in the tail waiting to rip that happiness from them.

But this wasn’t all about them in some respects, the authors included their families in the story and that inclusion provided a twist that I didn’t expect… little had they known just how their lives were intertwined and when that finally all blew up I think I was as nervous as they were awaiting the resolution.

Well written and a great read, and since honesty is the best policy as Dex discovered, I will say again that while this may not have been my absolute favourite, I think that is because I have been spoilt by these author previously, but this is a book that you really shouldn’t miss.

Topic: MISTER MONEYBAGS by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward

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