Trixsters Anonymous

by Ahren Sanders

There is something to be said about a book that brings something new to the table, this did that for me because when it comes to cheating in books, no matter what context I am usually not much of a fan. In fact, I have been known to actually put the book down but this appealed to me and I am glad I bowed to my inner self and gave it a go because it was super.

I was taken aback by the humour that the author managed to inject into the story, both Em and Maren had my sides aching, I laughed so much and from the very beginning I wanted to know more not only about Em but also about her hilarious bestie!!

But it wasn’t all about the girls as I am sure that you are perfectly well aware, the alpha male in this story had his leading man status totally down pat…he oozed it from every very muscular tattooed pore!! The term hot cop, was put together just for him and he wore that moniker like a glove.

New to town Walker is in for a bit of shock when he first encounters Em, whilst everyone else may be accustomed to her ways, he wasn’t but that didn’t mean that from the minute he lays eyes on her he wasn’t ready to get to know here a whole lot better!

I wasn’t sure that they would complement each other at first but I couldn’t have been more wrong they were absolutely perfect for each other, he got her kooky ways and knew that if he gave her enough space to flex her enormous personality, he would be on the receiving end of the most precious gift…her!!!

I applaud the author for the fact that she gave the characters enough room to grow, she let them express themselves, to pull you as the reader into their lives and hold you firm as the learn you journey with them on what can only be described as a proper jolly!!

Topic: Trixsters Anonymous by Ahren Sanders

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