Rookie Moves

by Shelly Alexander

From the outset this was only ever heading in one direction, so I suppose the crux of the story wasn’t where they ended up it was how they got there and with this pair the journey certainly had enough happening to keep me glued to the page.

Dex is faced with the dilemma of feeling a little too much for his best friend’s younger sister, Ava and as much as I can only imagine that, that isn’t exactly the best position to find yourself in I am also an advocate of the fact that, the heart wants what it wants and only a fool will try to deny it. So was Dex a fool?

I thought the whole story was a fun read, it was light hearted when it needed to be and I think this was only enhanced by the fact that the story was told from Dex’s point of view. I do love it when a guy lets you inside his head!

Their attempts to hide their relationship made me chuckle but it also elicited a snort of too if I am honest because for two seeming intelligent people much of the shenanigans between them seemed to lean towards being a tad on the childish side, although when they did get it together there was nothing childish about the heat they generated!!! 

Well written, this was a quirky, enjoyable read that brought a smile to my face.

Topic: Rookie Moves by Shelly Alexander

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