Love Comes in the Mourning 

by Erin Bevan

What I liked about this book was that it didn’t try to pigeon hole the main characters, it didn’t dictate, it gave everyone room to come to terms with their loss in their own way and allowed grief to have its moment.

Nobody is ever the same after they have experienced the devastation that loss brings into your life and I don’t just mean the pain of overwhelming grief at the death of a loved one, no I mean the gut wrenching pain that loss in any guise foists upon its unwilling recipient and in this book, we had too ends of the scale so to speak.

John was living with the devastation of having watched his wife, the mother of his two small kids, the woman that he loved more than life itself pass away from illness, whilst Leslie is reeling from a whole other type of loss, one that stole away the life that she thought she was building, with a man that she loved but that didn’t love her back, cheated on she felt a sense of pain and anger that left her feeling that she was facing everything alone. I understood the pain that her situation brought to the fore and I also understood that it was going to take a good man to gift her back the ability to see that not everyone behaves the same because she was far from willing to let anyone hurt her in that way again but when she ends up in her aunts old house trying to rebuild her life and the house, she may just have found the guy ..but it was going to a lot of work to get to where they may be able to have something more.

The story took a little while to find its feet and the characters were a little dull initially if I am being honest but as the pace picked up and they had a chance to show you who they really where, I thought the cam e into their own, the author was clever with the points that she gave to each of them to get across, I liked the fact that the author gave them the opportunity to express themselves, to show every facet of who they were and to explore what that meant to them and each other.

Richly descriptive and a realistically honest read this is highly recommended.


Topic: Love Comes in the Mourning by Erin Bevan

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