Las Vegas Sidewinders: Dominic by Kat Mizera

A solid read that was difficult to take a break from.

I enjoy a sports read, especially Hockey and when I sat down to read this I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised, because with this being the first in the series, I can now see a few late nights read in my very immediate future.

The story centres around Dominic, well why not…I certainly would! And the other half to the pair is Molly, now I found Molly a little wishy washy initially, she was in a relationship with a man that was simply repulsive, she didn’t deserve the life she had at his hand but she seemed to spend a lot of time almost justifying why she was still there and not where she needed to be, with Dominic.

Dominic wasn’t perfect, he had his own share of heartache and he lived with the repercussions of past events. He has almost burdened himself by a level of guilt that I found hard to comprehend, it was such a shame that he felt that level of pain. I loved the fact that as a strong, sexy alpha man, he was so much more than a handsome face, he was a thoughtful, deep man who took his responsibilities seriously.

I like the fact that the author gave them both the opportunity to work their own stuff out, to really think things through and to reach their own decisions in due course.

They were friends and as expected Dom was there for her, but the attraction refused to lay low, they couldn’t fight the way they felt about each other but circumstances were far from straightforward.

Dominic played the long game, almost letting her loose so to speak, to find her own way back to him, and I thought that was a well-made point by the author, Molly had to see that she was worth more than she was getting, that she was worth more than the abusive relationship that she was currently enduring.

And when the penny dropped, the relationship that they created was beautiful. They held nothing back once they were together and as the book gathered speed towards its conclusion the intensity of the book actually took me by surprise.

I said earlier that this was more than I thought it was going to be and by the end of the book you will see why!

Topic: Las Vegas Sidewinders: Dominic by Kat Mizera

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