Everything I left Unsaid by M O'Keefe


On the run from a life that has treated her to nothing but pain and misery Annie is the sort of character that you want to dive into and just hug. I wanted to be able to give her the comfort that she had so sorely been deprived of.

Her whole life has been filled with abuse, be it emotional or physical, she has never had the chance to just be Annie, the woman that she wants to be…until now.

Finally trying to live life on her own terms, she is embracing her thirst for not only freedom but the experiences that many others have taken for granted. She finally has the chance to say yes because she wants to and not because she has too.

But working out what to keep in her life, what to completely embrace and what to walk away from is not an easy task, Annie is a work in progress and she her limits are yet to be explored.

Dylan...Oh wow.

He lives in his own world, one where people are most definitely not required. He lives in almost isolation, barely venturing down from his self-imposed exile on the mountainside but an innocent phone call to a stranger and he has a connection, a very hot and steamy connection but one none the less, because their tenuous link by technology means that they have each other.

I have to say the phone sex was out of this world…phew!

I was itching for the two of them to actually meet but terrified of what that meeting might mean for them both. I think I knew they were both going to struggle, so when they fought the feelings that they so obviously had I wasn’t at all surprised.

There was a lot to be said for this story it was more than just their distant intimacy, the story ebbed and flowed, it had a few surprised tucked up its sleeve and a cliff hanger ending that when it appeared felt like a kick in the gut!

I like this pair, I loved the glimpses that we got behind the veneer that is Dylan because I don’t for one minute think that he allows many people to see the real him, I hope he lets Annie in though, together they will be epic.

Topic: Everything I left Unsaid by M O'Keefe

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