Wait for Me by Alexis Noelle

Lessons learnt early at the hand of his father have left Jason with a distorted view of love and relationships, having been subjected to the negativity of a bitter parent, Jason has no room in his head for love and romance, after all, from everything he has been told- women don’t stick around, so what is the point.

Honestly I was so annoyed at this insinuation, really I was spitting chips at the cruelty of his father, and really I could have punched him for being so pig-headed.

So how did that affect Jason, well in some ways it fed an inherent insecurity – strange I know for a man who was more than happy getting what he wanted and walking away.

But would it cost him the one person that he should hang on tight too?

Nicole and Jason had an unconventional relationship, or non-relationship depending on which one of the two of them you were talking too but while he was happy to have his cake and eat it so to speak, Nicole had reached the point where his attitude wasn’t cutting it anymore, it’s time for him to step up or ship out.

Well guess what, scared to death of what was right before his eyes, Jason hits the road. Really I could have throttled him at this point.

But when he gets back, he is about to have his ass handed to him on a plate, because Nicole has absolutely no intension of being waiting for him with open arms, she makes sure his homecoming is the eye opener this runaway lover deserves. She shows him that she has moved on but he is far from ready to let her go. In fact he is damn well determined that the only place she is going to be is by his side.

But their whole relationship, and yes I do mean proper relationship scenario is far from straight forward, they have a wealth of nonsense, meddlesome ex’s and unforeseen issues and when I say that I really am not kidding – I was knocked for six at one point, something I definitely did not see coming but can they stand fast and tall and make what they have work?

Their relationship wasn’t exactly stellar, based on not much more than sex, I was angry at times when they appeared to play so many games that I could have hurled the kindle across the room but they were basically decent characters and I wanted to know what their future had for them, so for me that is a bonus, I engaged and that is always a good thing.