by Erika Wilde

This was the favourite book I read last month, I thought it was quite simply superb.

It had triggers yes, and some subject matter that may push buttons for some but please of you can stick with it because you will not be disappointed.

I liked the fact that the book gave me plenty to get my teeth stuck into, it had characters that really spoke to me and that I felt as if I was walking alongside almost every step of the way.

This was edge of the your seat stuff, and while it was really intense, it also had a softer undertone when it came to the relationship between Nathan and Nicole, I mean this pair deserved a love that refused to be damped down by the weight of not only what they were experiencing but what they had already been through.

I especially loved Nathan, he was a man on a mission, knee deep in a case that would have turned the stomach of many but it was one that he was determined to see through to the bitter end and to ensure that he had all his bases covered, this was a man who didn’t consider an alternative ending, he was focused on the end game and he would get the job done- no matter what.

Initially I wasn’t sure that the connection between Nathan and Nicole, the eager reporter was actually going to work but I admired the way that the author gave them plenty of time and opportunity to grow into something extra special. I adored the fact that they made such a strong couple in everything they did together.

I can’t say it enough, this was a fabulous read, a true hold on tight read, I ran the absolute gambit of emotions and by the time the book finished I wasn’t actually sure that I was still breathing!

Topic: GAME OF CHANCE by Erika Wilde

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