Unexpected Changes by AM Willard


I have to re-iterate that you need to have read book one “Unexpected Chances” before you start this book.

Unexpected Changes begins it weave its magic right from the first page but it is taking up the baton directly from the events that were abound at the end of the first book, so you have to be up on the plot, because this is the culmination of Carter and Tabitha’s story.

Carter is up to his eyes in all sorts of crazy, including the situation with Bethany,which is proving to be just about enough to drive him completely mad. It is almost as if his past and the lunacy that around him is conspiring against him, jepordising the relationship that he really wants, the woman he wants – Tabitha.

The book is a great read, a romantic journey to a happy ever after that was well earned and thoroughly deserved.

Although I have to say that I was thankful that the uncertainty wasn’t dragged out, that Carter’s issues were addressed and resolved and that both Carter and Tabitha had a chance to show those around them that they were right to fight for what they want, that they are meant to be together.