Broken Love Story

by Natasha Madison

If I had to sum this up in one word I would have to say that that word would be…Touching.

I thought that Blake was a man that I wanted to get his happy ever after, a woman that would be everything he could possibly want because he was everything that any woman with have an ounce of sense would snap up in a millisecond. The start of the book, reading the way he felt about what had happened to his sister destroyed me, I want him as my big brother!

The empathy that he could show towards Samantha, just highlighted that this was a man with a truly glorious soul, a man that cared and a man that understood pain that was bone deep. He was too much of a gent to let her travel that painful journey alone.

Samantha’s past was almost unfathomable, a life that hadn’t just started out poorly, nope it continued on a downward slope that no matter how hard she wanted to change things, she just never seemed to be able to find a way out. Both her husband and his family were reprehensible and I was hopeful that Blake would be the difference in her life because he knew what her life, what her pain was doing to her as a person and he was hellbent on doing something about it.

I adored the connection between Samantha and Blake but what was more beautiful was the relationship that came into play between Blake and her daughters, he was fantastic with them and it was beautiful to read.

Please don’t think that everything is smooth sailing, it would be a very dull read if it were but for every moment that had me silently mouthing WTF, I could also be seen smiling at the sincerity of not only the story but also the manner with which the author delivered it.

A solid read that was thoroughly engaging and comes very highly recommended.


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