In Her Words

by London Casey And Jaxson Kidman

For the start of a series this had a lot going on, a little too much sometimes, in as much as the plethora of characters brought a lot to the forefront. But that being said what I cannot deny is the amount of emotion that the story also encompassed.

Diem finds herself in a bit of a predicament following the untimely death of her best friend Scarlett. Because the death of her best friend left her with more than grief to deal with, it left her with Scarlett’s daughter too, the adorable Paisley.

Scarlett never told Paisley’s father that she was pregnant, after all he was a one night stand that she snuck out on before he woke but Diem might not have the luxury of keeping his parental status to herself, because keeping Paisley is only a temporary measure and she is fighting not only the clock but the authorities to try and turn her temporary custody into a permanent fixture.

The story is told in both present time and upon reflection but it is the future that weighs heavy on her, because having been orphaned as a child and having spent time in the care system, she knows that the decision she is internally battling with is one that she really doesn’t have a choice over because no matter what, she knows that she has to do the right thing for not only her and Paisley but also the unwitting father Cass.

So, how do you break the news to a guy that he has a kid that he never knew about?

Well initially Diem’s attempt doesn’t exactly get her the response she had hoped for but surely she must have expected the reaction she goy! He was gutted that Scarlett had kept the fact that he had a daughter from him, but know he knows, you bet you’re a** he is going to be the best dad that little girl could wish for …but where does that leave Diem?

That is the crux of the story, the challenge that they both faced as they forged a relationship not only with Paisley but also with each other. They had to learn not only how to raise a child but what that would mean to them individually!

Kids are great levellers, they have no ulterior motives, so it was always going to be an emotional situation as they grew close to Paisley and each other, Diem struggled to accept that a guy like Cass was interested in her, I think she felt superfluous almost, as if she was in the way between him and his daughter and he was only being nice until he either got Paisley to himself or someone better came along, Cass on the other hand was worried about how on earth he was going to be able to convince her that her fears were unfounded and that he wanted more than Paisley, he wanted her too and for them to be a family.

The story was emotional, the journey they took was both sexy and sweet but it wasn’t all plain sailing, there were a few twists and turns along the way towards a happy ever after.

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