The Rhythm of my Heart by Velvet Reed

Jesus Sweet Lord, never mind Rhythm of my Heart, I think my heart has just bloody stopped. For the love of god – what an ending!!!

What do we have in this story, well let me tell you not only do you get one of the nicest female characters I have read in a while but you get a guy who is an absolute peach.

Together they are the sort of couple that would make you stop and look in the street – saying ahh to yourself because the love they have for each other is the type of love that cannot be hidden, it is on display for everyone to see and who would not want to share with the world that they have found the person to fill the empty half of their heart.

For Gracie and Cole – that magic means that they have a chance at a happy ever after – if the world would only just leave them to it!

Gracie, graduated from Berkeley but returned home to her family when they needed her, turning her back on the well paid jobs that were on offer and instead working 3 days per week in her father’s auto shop and caring for her niece Ruby on the other days for her brother.

A tough cookie, Gracie is the type of woman who is capable of handling what life throws her way but attention from the delicious Cole has thrown her a curveball because this seriously hot Dr is not to be ignored and Gracie is smitten.

Cole is delicious, he is just what the doctor would order, the type of guy that once he gets his girl, he aint ever going to let her go! – thank the lord!!!!

His family are something else .His parents made me smile,his it is the type of childhood that you hope reality has inspired because everyone deserves to have old folks like John and Olivia Tierney.

The pace of the novel is lightning quick but I suppose when you are bitten by the love bug , time has no meaning but it is safe to say that the relationship between Cole and Gracie is breathtaking.

I had a real soft spot for Gracie’s niece Ruby – who stole the story for me and the way that the other characters reacted to her and encompassed her (disability) aside into everything that was going on. When Cole meets her – when he takes Gracie on a date and includes Ruby with a gift and a flower of her own, was just beautiful – how charming, and little Ruby loved him all the more for it.

Miranda ( Cole's skanky of an ex) was the perfect evil cow – I could have punched her myself – conniving bitch!!

But Cole and Gracie’s story as action filled as it is in the book, has only just started and I want to read what else they have to come, I want it all for them and I want it now!! (honestly tantrum would be pending if I thought anyone would pay attention)

 But be warned the ending is a bruiser – it will have you screaming – I was a blubbering mess!