by K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley



A decade on and the lust of youth that Everly harboured for her brother best friend hasn’t exactly diminished, despite the fact that they haven’t set eyes on each other in all that time. Everly has never forgotten the guy that she longed for all her teenage years, but the boot is on the other foot now, because this time the guy she couldn’t have back then is the guy that can’t get enough of her…only one problem, he has no idea who she is!
Niko is as confident as they come, the term Cocksure could have been coined for him and him alone. Never happier than when he is in the company of beautiful women, Niko is rarely with the same woman more than once but when he meets Everly all that comes to a screeching halt and this glorious man hasn’t a clue what has hit him!
I loved the fact that Everly was quick to play Niko at his own game, clued up enough to realise that he had no idea that they knew each other and to use that to her advantage…you go, girl!
The chemistry between them was sizzling, but the story was more than just that, the authors pitched the angst perfectly and I don’t mean the emotional stuff, because we all know that once he cottons on to who she is the fall out is going to be epic, I mean the suspense, namely the menace of her ex!
I got that Niko was a a** at times but that didn’t mean I didn’t love him, I did he was a great guy, one that didn’t seem to know that he was looking for a Miss Right, until she showed up and then he couldn’t fathom living without her, this was a guy that loved his someone special implicitly and that blew me away.
With a flow that barely took its time to ebb, this was a story that truly set its own pace, and whilst initially, it was a slow(ish) burner, once the characters and the plot hit their stride it was difficult to put down.
Fantastically well written, with a great cast of characters and a plethora of who I would be chomping at the bit to hear about next, I just have to say…when is book two???

Topic: Cocksure by K.I. Lynn & Olivia Kelley

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