Secrets at Seaside

by Addison Cole

 Oh Amy, my heart broke for you! You’ve lived for so long harbouring a secret from your very best friends and the pain of that subterfuge has never completely gone away.

I couldn’t help but wonder where the author was going to take this story, because Amy and Tony have a past that they have shared with no-one and one that has kept them safely but unnecessarily ensconced in the friend zone.

Events in that past side-lined, a romance that could so very well have been the real deal and because of that has effectively denied the pair of them true happiness because despite the past Amy has always longed for more and Tony secretly wished thinks could be different but wouldn’t pursue those desires because he wasn’t willing to risk losing her completely.

The worry about how those that they both love dearly would react to the enormity of the secret that lies between them weighs heavily on Amy, she is terrified that her friends, would react if they found out and that fear was so crippling, I could have cried for her.

This is a story of love in all its guises, the passion and love between two souls that know where they belong despite not being there yet and the love of the family we select for ourselves, the love and importance that friends and friendship mean to us all.

As you may expect their lives continue to evolve but when Amy is given the opportunity to move overseas, the way she feels and the situation surrounding her and Tony comes to a head…but it isn’t just about Amy, I was desperately hoping that they could move on but if they did will it be together?

The thought of losing her for good is a stretch that Tony finds too much to accept and he finally seems to be willing to make a move but was he too late?

Beautifully descriptive with an evocative undertone and strong values, this was a pleasure to read.

Topic: Secrets at Seaside by Addiosn Cole

Date: 08/11/2017

By: Addison Cole

Subject: Wonderful review!

Thank you so much! I can tell you got pulled into Amy and Tony's story. I'm so happy you joined the tour :-)

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