Play Room

by LP Dover and Heidi McLaughlin

They are back and they are better than ever…Heidi McLaughlin and LP Dover certainly know how to wring every ounce of not only emotion but also eroticism out of their characters.

This may be book three but it kicked ass.

I adored Play Room.

We all know the rules of Society X, the total anonymity that members have to abide by but the Play Room takes that to the absolute max.

No Talking, totally unsighted the Play Room is a sensory explosion!

But when your every sense is screaming from the intensity of the connection that is made, it is only a matter of time until you are ready to play outside the room… but with that comes consequences.

Alexandria and Kai and their storyline was fantastic, devilishly clever and creatively evasive. The twist and turns were more than enough to throw me off the scent of which direction the author had up their sleeves.

Passionately Fantastic!

Topic: Play Room by LP Dover and Heidi McLaughlin

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