You Loved me at my Darkest by Evie Harper

You Loved Me at My Darkest by Evie Harper

When it comes to a debut novel there must be something in the water in Australia because Evie Harper has delivered what can only be described as a belter!!

You Loved Me at My Darkest is exceptionally well written,  it is edge of your seat stuff, which will not only tug at your heartstrings but will leave both, your heart and your nerves slightly frayed round the edges.

Sister’s Lily and Sasha Morgan set out on the trip of a lifetime from Australia to travel the world after suffering the loss of not one but both parents.

But upon arrival in New York we discover that they are about to become intimately acquainted with not only the hand of fate but the stench of foul play.

Misery has sets its sights on them and the bringer of that misery Marco, sees the girls as nothing more than a commodity, his means of making money – their humanity means nothing to him and nor will it – but as much as the situation they find themselves in is far beyond the release of average comprehension – I considered it to a much more sobering scenario because as much as I found it abhorrent, I knew that Evie’s book was not a million miles away from what is a reality for many.

Lily determines that she needs to stand tall and be strong for both of them and that no matter what she will find them a way out. Foolish hope – well, isn’t that better than no hope at all. She refused to be beaten or broken by Marco – her will and spirit is hers to determine the fate of not him!

You will both love and hate Jake throughout this book – his motivation and methods will have you perplexed, you will question the dichotomy of the man and inevitably conclude that the suffering of his past has plays its part in his behaviour and that may very well be the case but I couldn’t question was his heart because beneath all the layers of pain, and planning beats the heart of a man that recognises love.

His agenda is his alone and one that he will not deviate from but he does his best to help Lily in any way he can but when necessary he takes care of business as Mario expects.

I thought he was portrayed to absolute perfection.

This was a painful read at times but that was to be expected, I was warned – the blurb does accurately describe the book as a “Dark Romance” so please take heed of the warning it is there for a reason.

The plight of the sisters will remain with me for some time to come but overall, I feel that there are not enough superlatives for me to describe how I feel now I have finished the book because if truth be told – because I can honestly say is one of the best books I have read this year!