Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding

by Victoria Davies


A story from an author that I was not familiar with and while I thought from the blurb that it might have been a plot that was a tad predicable, I am actually pleased to say that it wasn’t.

The author laid the bones of the story out in the blurb but cunningly held back the twists that gave it it’s bite, there was more to this pair than a rich guy who couldn’t see the blatantly obvious right in front of him until it was practically too late, and woman that was hopelessly in love with a guy that she had deemed untouchable.

I liked Ali but I wanted her to grab herself by the scruff of the neck almost and get on with making what she wanted to happen, actually happen. She knew what made Darian tick, she had been by his side for long enough, I was hurling abuse at my kindle just willing them to get on with it!

Darian was as stubborn as a mule but he wasn’t a bad man, he just had a path that he liked to stick too and was reluctant to step outside his modus operandi, because it worked for him, so why change it… Well, he was about to find out! Darian knew that he could rely on Ali, he always had but what I couldn’t get my head around was the fact that he didn’t seem to see that there was more to the two of them than just work.

But as you would expect their dynamic changes when they least expect it but is it on a path to a happy ever after or is it just a bump in the road?

The story wasn’t all smooth sailing, the author pitched in more than a little angst and attitude along the way for the two of them but that was interspersed with some smouldering connections between them. I have one small gripe though, it came to a halt rather quicker than I would have liked, I was looking for a little more than I got towards the end and it all seemed to find its place a little easier than I was anticipating, but nevertheless, on the whole the story was a solid read for a winters afternoon!

Please note there is no cheating in this book, I am not a fan so if there was I would tell you!

Topic: Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding by Victoria Davies

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