Curveball by VK Sykes

Curveball by V K Sykes

I’ve come to enjoy books with a sporting theme, especially ones that are based on sports that we here in the UK don’t have much association with and to that avail, I was delighted when I opened Curveball – because Baseball certainly fits the bill – no idea at all about the sport but that did not deter from the novel in anyway.

Taylor Page was involved in Baseball all her life, growing up with a father that was involved in the sport. When he was killed whilst she was still a teenager Taylor found herself devastated but determined to continue with both his and her obsession.

All grown up now, a whizz with figure and statistics, she has landed herself her dream job as the Assistant General Manager at the Philadelphia Patriots.

Looking to make her mark in the predominately male orientated sport, she goes out on a limb when tasked with finding a replacement for one of the Patriots who is now out injured, she suggests the outfielder Ryan Locke. A suggestion that raises more than a few eyebrows around the board room table. Locke is reaching the end of his career, the others around her find the suggestion a tad outside the box and since Locke has never played 1st based before– is this really a partnership that can work.

Ryan Locke on the other hand is hoping to remain with his current team the Hornets for the time being  but if a trade is on the card, he has everything crossed that it will be to another League team and as designated hitter but The Patriots – hell no!!

With choices few and far between, Taylor works her magic and before he knows it – he’s been traded and is on his way to Philly!

Where to top it all he has to learn to play 1st based – not really a very happy man!

With everything on his plate, I found Ryan to be a fascinating character, he fights hard to be the best that he can in the team and takes everything thrown at him in his stride. Single Dad to a teenage daughter and Ryan has his hands full following the move but things get even more complicated when it is blatantly obvious that there is some sort of attraction going on between him and Taylor.

Their professional situation puts a spanner in the works – she is management and can’t get involved with a player but they can’t deny what is between them, so hard decision have to be made. What can they do to be together and more to the point – do they want to give this a shot.

And when the two of them eventually get their act, Ryan lets loose his alpha tendencies and this pair set the field alight.

Book 4 in a series but a I haven’t read any of the others and found this a completely rounded tale – I think it is safe to say that it definitely can be read as a stand alone novel


Rating 4 out of 5