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After the last word on the last page of Retrieval, this was my most anticipated book so far this year. I loved book one, it was packed with characters that I simply fell in love with, marry that to the magnificence that is Aly Martinez and maybe then you will get the gist behind the angst that I felt waiting on it all to fall into place…or so I hoped.

While book one, Retrieval was really all about Roman and Elizabeth (as is I need to reiterate that little gem), this is Heath and Clare’s turn, a chance to unravel the secrets that were running rampant through my brain following THAT ending in book one.

So what was happening? Well really as if I’m going to spill all the juicy details – you need to read it ladies! But what I can say is that you will not be disappointed.

I am trusting that when you read past this point you will have already finished book one and so the points I raise below will make sense…if not then I apologise now.

The whole situation with Clare was one that really grabbed me. For her nothing matters more than her keeping her daughter safe but for Heath it isn’t just about the little girl, her mom is also high on his list of priorities.

I liked Heath no, scratch that I loved him really he was a good guy. I got that he had been caught in a difficult situation, he had been hiding in plain sight and while his deceit was understandable because it was his job, his heart didn’t get that memo, he had feelings for Chloe that he had been internally struggling to contain and it seemed as he was now able to acknowledge that he was fighting a losing battle.

So it was no surprise that he took it upon himself to ensure that the woman his heart was claiming as his was safe and he did what he knew was going to be the best for them all, he took her, her daughter and they fled.

The confusion of the situation, the emotional turmoil, the elements of danger all made for a story that was dynamic, they had to work hard to get what they wanted from the situation but it was one that they weren’t prepared to back out of.

I think that is one aspect across both books that I really took to heart, the fact that they all took the tough times and worked with what they were dealt, just because it wasn’t easy didn’t deter them…they fought hard for everything they wanted.

As I would have expected from Aly Martinez, this was a stellar book. It gave me all the feels that I had hoped for an so much more.

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