Marking Him by Elena M Reyes


I know what I want to do with Talan Cox and marking him may very well enter the equation – this man is just so yum!

Taking things steady Talan and Maya are finding their feet in their relationship and as much as it is great to read a couple not just jumping into bed together – bloody hell just get on with it!

 They pussy footed around so much it had me completely hot and bothered – honestly that man’s mouth should be licensed – it is lethal!

As previously predicted in my review of the first book – the resident lunatic – Janice makes her presence felt and to be honest she really is one brick away from being completely certifiable –deluded is nowhere nearly enough to describe the sort of trouble she manages to create with her nonsense, she had me screaming !

Talan exercised his alpha a little more in this book and we got to see the little bit of jealousy that he keeps hidden inside sneak a peek into the relationship and we also got a huge hello to the possessive Talan, the one who would stamp all over anyone who gets between him and his woman.

He made me smile – he really loved her and it was as much a surprise to him as it was to everyone else.

The story was funny and there were yet more fabulous characters to engage with – especially when it came to the respective parents – they were just so lovey and damn funny. You will find it pretty difficult not to fall for Simona and Ester too.

But it is not all smooth sailing, there is a sinister undercurrent that meanders its way through much of the storyline.

Maya is the recipient of some malicious threats, they have been popping up on her phone and trying to be little miss independent she has kept them to herself which I have to say is not the thing to do when you have a man like Talan in your corner because when he does find out he flips his lid! (In the nicest possible way of course)


“Pay attention, because I won’t repeat myself.”

“I love you. Need you. Would die for you”

“Nothing-not a goddamned thing in this world-comes before you. You are my mine to take care of and love. Never lie to me again.”


Phew- hang on a second please while I pick myself up off the floor!!

Now, without giving too much away you are left wondering just what the hell is going on and the suspect list is not as narrow as you might imagine! But when the events develop into something much more the Talan and Maya have a battle on their hands and it maybe one they will have to fight hard to win.

Fabulously well written, gloriously funny and scintillatingly sexy – what is there not to love about this – ah that’s right – nothing it is fabulous!