Trapped by Shay Savage


So here we go with book two!! And it has a completely different feel going on than I found in book one.

I should have known that the author wasn’t going to let me rest on the easy cloud for too long. Switching things up, she definitely not only on my toes but on the end of my seat.

This just gave me a sense of foreboding that I have to say I wasn’t sure if I was going to like.

Tri and Liam are making their way together but things aren’t easy, they are still broke but at least they have each other. Tria is still hitting the books, and Liam is still hitting anything and anyone put in front of him!

But just as they are doing what they can to get through each day – Liam’s past tracks him down and with nowhere to turn he has to face up to everything he left behind, all the demons he wanted to forget and a family that finally we get a glimpse into.

We are tantalised with snippets of what things were like for Liam but the author holds back on laying him out completely – the man still has some secrets of that I am absolutely positive!!!

Tria is so wrapped up in Liam that at times I just wanted a little more of her, for her to fly solo a little so to speak but her focus was her man and as stubborn, hard-headed and stubborn as he is, he refuses to let him sink – if he goes down she will be there with him and she knows that he will never allow that to happen to her – so result!

As I have said before this book has a completely different feel but I have to say that despite his sullen demeanour, I like Liam but I would love to see him cut himself some slack.

Oh and by the way just in case you were wondering – Katie is still as crazy as a box of frogs!!