Fates Warrior by Screaming Mimi


This is Martin and Alexis’s story and at last it is more of what I have been longing for, more of them and them alone and I have to say it is an intriguing tale.

Martin is a victim of what can only be described as a completely depraved childhood. I was aghast at the nature of the of the torment that was subjected too. I spent a while trying to absorb what he had been through and also more than a decent handful of tissues.

But he refuses to be the broken man that they could have forced him to be, he stood stronger than that and despite the pain and horror he made his life count.

Alexis sees the real Martin and she is willing to open her heart to him, but her life doesn’t come threat free, she has demons that are all too real and she needs martin to stand tall beside her.

But can he be that man, can he be her protector, what does he know about being anyone’s knight in shining armour – nothing or so he believes!

But will he try or will it all end in tears and heartbreak for everyone?