Take a Chance by Micalea Smeltzer

This may be the last book in the series but isn’t it often the case that the best is left to last.

In this case I would say that Arden and Hayes just might be proof of that synopsis, because the two of them are most definitely two of the most fabulous characters.

Arden was in book three but only as the friend of Sadie, so her story was barely touched upon so to speak. She may have spent time on vacation with Sadie and the initial flicker of attraction between her and Hayes might have begun to smoulder but it was no indication of the inferno that was going to engulf them when they finally got together.

Hayes is had his fair share of women, heck he has had every bodies fair share of women – he has never been one to turn down a quick tumble between the sheet, against the wall or anywhere else that the mood takes him but life has begun to take its toll on him and he has finally accepted that what he has is all well and good but it want last for ever and nor does he want it too because this bad boy rocker is ready( he thinks) to hang up his man whore ways and find himself a woman, one that he can call his own and one that will be his forever.

Could Arden be that woman, when Hayes seems to think so!

So what do you do if a rock star offers you forever – well if you are Arden, you knock him back that’s what!

I understood that she had been through a terrible time with her previous relationship, her marriage was one that was shrouded in abuse and one that left an emotional void in her life, she had very little left to give in terms of love and devotion, unless of course you are her beautiful daughter Mia, because this little cutie ate up everything Arden had and that was ok in her book.

But Hayes, wasn’t about to let this beautiful woman slip through his fingers and if he had to work for her, he was damn well going to show her that she was worth his time. He pleaded for the opportunity to date her, to just spend time with her, to show her that he was sincere and that she could trust him and dang he was good because his relentless attention and determination finally won her over and the two of them set off on a relationship that given half a chance was destined to be as beautiful as they both were.

But when a blast from the past, sweeps back into town, there are some things that even the most determined of men can’t save you from, but Hayes wasn’t going to be the man to let Arden and Mia down, he would always be the man they needed- no matter what or who stood in his way.

I liked Arden and I thought she was an honest character one that played out the emotions of her past as I would have expected if I was sat listening to a friend recount her own story but I have to say that I loved Hayes, he was the opposite of everything that his public persona would have had you believe or at least eh was once Arden entered the fray.

He loved her without question and his relationship with Mia was so sweet, he force a sigh from my lips. The man understood that family was what you created each and every day, it was more than blood it was a bond that said that you were where you needed to be, with the people you chose to be with and that would never change.

A fantastic story, sorry to see the end of the series.


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