by LP Dover

Whilst this is the third in the series and can be read a sa standalone novel, I would urge you to read the previous books, this is a series that you really will not want to miss out on.

I liked Grace, there was an honesty about her character, about the warmth that eth author managed to inject into her personality but as the daughter of the chief of police there were always likely to be those that saw her as a means to meet their nefarious ends and when she disappears one night it doesn’t take long for the penny to drop, this is no ordinary missing persons case…Grace has been kidnapped.

Ian is brought on board by Grace’s father, his cover as a local web designer may have the townsfolks fooled but her old man knows full well exactly what he is doing in town, after all he does work for the FBI.

The mystery that unfolded had me on the very edge of my seat and there have been far too many unexplained incidents, missing hikers that are never heard or seen again, some that turn up dead and as for what has happened to Grace, has she met an equally unfortunate end?

Well that was the case…what had happened and could they get her back before she met and sinister conclusion. The twists and turns came thick and fast but I was blown over by the fact that once Ian was on board, the true depth of his feelings was his driving force, he wanted to find her is only to let her know how much she meant to him.

I thought I had the plot sussed at one point only to find that I was totally off track. This will have you guessing – fabulous!

Topic: AIM by LP Dover

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