Dark Fantasy by L V Hunter

As a first book, I thought the ideas behind the story were good, it had pace and attitude (it just needs a little bit of refinement). The book belongs to Eva and Alex.

Eva is a good girl, an honest hard working, woman who is making ends meet, barely. Her life in advertising has to start somewhere but working for nothing as an intern while you have a sea of debt weighing you down is hardly the most promising start. But Eva is one tough cookie, she has a plan and she has a determination to succeed that is admirable, her attitude, her strength and enthusiasm were almost infectious.

The on the other side of Eva’s enthusiasm is Alex, a brooding, angry man who has one simple goal…to track down his sister, she is all he has even though he doesn’t actually have her yet, but he is determined to find her.

Alex’s attitude was beaten into him at the hands of adults, or more specifically his adopted dad and because of that he hid his heart away behind a wall of attitude and the need to control both in and out of the bedroom.

They were almost polar opposites, she balanced out his angst. Her positivity and peace pouring a soothing balm on his unerring attitude. She soothed him and made his life bearable but that didn’t mean that it was easy. His issues meant that they suffered more than they had too but Eva refused to give up on him.

I liked the whole Alex/Fantasy book connection, it was different and it made him more normal so to speak, more understandable and believe me that took some doing because there was a lot to have to get your head around with him. Although when the link between his mother and the fantasy books, was explained, when I understood that he saw the books as his only tangible link to her, I could feel my heartstrings being well and truly tugged.

I will admit that I liked elements of the story better than others. I liked the youth group/centre where Eva volunteered, I liked her dedication to the kids and the way that scenario gave her purpose. But I hold my hands up and admit that sometimes those kids just got on my nerves!

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