His Turn

By JA Huss

In true JA Huss style, this is was nothing short of exquisitely brilliant!

I can’t (no, honestly, I really can’t) bring myself to give away the secrets of the story because if you have read the other stories and think you know what the elusive Elias Bricman is going to bring to this his own story, then I want you to get the truth first hand not through my ramblings…You see this is too good to give you spoilers …reading this should be as essential as drawing your next breath!

What I will say is that Elias Bricman gives new meaning to the whole term Alpha male and when he is brought into contact with Jordan Wells and eventually introduced to Nadia, his life changes more than I had ever thought him capable of.

I liked Nadia but she took me a while to get to grips with.

This is a determined man that suddenly has a equally determined woman in his personal space and something really was going to have to give…but what was it going to be?

Topic: His Turn by JA Huss

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