Traded: Brody & Kara

by Tess Thompson

A fabulous start to this new series, with characters and a storyline that sunk their claws in and quite simply refused to let go.
I found that it was almost impossible to keep a reign on my emotions as the tears splashed on the screen of my kindle on more than one occasion. Don’t think that this is all doom as gloom, nothing could be further from the truth there is plenty of opportunities to crack a smile and by the end, I was grinning like a loon.
Kara is a fabulous character, events have conspired to create a life for her that she may not have chosen but that doesn’t mean that she was scared to pick up the tatters of what she had left when it all fell apart move on. And her new start was well and truly embraced, embedding herself into everything she wants for life but what she didn’t appear to want was the complication of having Brody in her life, even though you would have had to be blind to know that he worshipped the ground she walked on.
Life as a quarterback was his dream and he is darn good at it, but it is not all he has in his life, he has responsibilities and after hiring Kara to care for both his mother and the woman that he considers as important to him as his mom, his priorities shift seismically because without Kara he would willingly throw it all away and start again, the only constant he desired was her but darn it does she take an age to get her head around the fact that he was genuine.
But would she get there in the end? Could Brody have his career and his woman?
With a fabulous cast of secondary characters, I thought this was a fabulous read that totally consumed my day, fabulous

Topic: Traded: Brody & Kara by Tess Thompson

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