Relinquish from M N Forgy

I made the mistake of glancing through some reviews before I read this and I have to say that the division surprised me, some rated 5 while others had put “Not for Me” or DNF, so the conflict of opinion piqued my interest and I had to dive straight in.

So what was it all about?

Well, we have Charlie a product of the state care system having been without her family since she was nine. She is desperate to make her own way in the world and takes the first available opportunity to fly solo, so as soon as she hits eighteen years of age, she is off – Las Vegas none the less!

But the big bad world out there is well known for chewing up and spitting out young girls like Charlie and no sooner than she is on her way, is she left with nothing to her, all her money and the most her belongings having been thoughtfully removed from her possession by the thieves and charlatans that she comes across on the street– a tough lesson learnt!

But with nothing to her name and no prospect of a job or any money, her options are limited and it is because of that, that he turns to the oldest profession known to man, prostitution in order to keep her fed and sheltered. Although it is not a career of choice, when is it ever, it is necessity feeding her back onto the streets and into the guiles of needy johns.

When we are first introduced to Landon it is as her savour, she is really struggling and in a bad place. He is like a knight in shining armour to this lonely girl and she is immediately drawn to him. He brings out feelings that are completely alien to her and that has her more than a little concerned.

But Landon is far from a gentleman, he is a powerful man alright but his public persona and his private demeanour are about as far removed as you could possibly get – a gent to the outside world but a demon behind closed doors and especially if that door was the bedroom!!

Landon is drawn to Charlie, although he isn’t quite sure what the pull this waif has over him. He just cannot look the other way and breaking all the rules, he sticks by his gut and refuses to walk away. She has had people turn their back on her almost all her life, she has lost family before she was even in double figures, he won’t do that to her.

But when he eventually introduces her to his father, the truth about Charlie is no longer a secret.

I was blown away by the revelations, really well played Ms Forgy!

A super story that is just a little out of the frying pan and a lot into the fire …