Heaven Hill MC Series

by Laramie Briscoe



Meant to Be (Book 1)

What a way to kick off the series! From the get-go the characters were off and running and I could barely keep up with them.

Liam was more than I could have ever imagined, the loyalty he has to the club that he was Vice President of was exceptional. Moulded into the man he is by a father that paid no heed to the fact that he was his son, it garnered no sympathy in his desire to ensure that Liam knew his place. And while his mother didn’t exactly cover herself in glory initially, I understood who she was after a while and I felt a little sympathy creeping into my analysis of why she was the way she was.

Single Mom Denise had her hands full with her twins but keeping a roof over their head and food on the table was her primary concern and she was willing to do whatever it took to ensure she was up to the task, but when her finances take a hit, she head out to take on another job, little does she know that, that decision may just change the course of her life. I had my fingers crossed for her because if ever two people were going to be perfect for each other it was Liam and Denise.

The book took on a life of its own when the two of them met, Liam was smitten and from almost the kick off, he had his possessive head on, not just with Denise but with her children too.

It wasn’t a straightforward read, there was plenty going on, twists and turns a plenty.  I couldn’t put this book down I was completely captivated. I adored Liam, I loved Denise and her kids, I loved the club and I didn’t want to say goodbye.


Out of Darkness (Book 2)

Oh My, the heat factor was turned up to scorching on this one! Meredith was in the first book, she was a strong woman, focussed on her career and making a future for herself but her plans when to pot when she falls victim to the most heinous of crimes and now she is a shadow of her former self, a broken woman almost. I hated what happened to her but I admired the fact that the author was willing to show the pain and drama of what happened to her and the fact that what she had been through was not something that could be skipped over.

Her journey to recovery was long and arduous but luckily she didn’t have to face it alone because she had the most fabulous but guardian angel, Tyler. His devotion to being her shoulder to lean on, her safety blanket and her protector was beautiful, he was a beautiful man with a heart and soul that almost defy description.

Meredith was in safe hands with Tyler when the time was right. He was willing to lay everything he had at her feet, this sexy, fierce man knew in his heart that she belonged with him and for Meredith she was a very lucky woman indeed because this is one man you would want by your side.

I love Tyler!! There I’ve said it.


Losing Control (Book 3)

I’m not sure about this, or more to the point I am not sure about Jagger. I think the whole biker and rocker thing conflicted me. I wanted him to be one thing or the other.

Although I liked the fact that this cocky guy who had women lining up for him, couldn’t bear to ask the one woman he really wanted out...it wasn’t her it was the way she made him feel that had him on the back foot.

Bianca, again she confused me, in as much as she was so focussed on her career I couldn’t see her falling for a biker/rocker. But when he finally bites the bullet, I was delighted that she said yes, I wanted them to at least give it a go.

The book had a lot going on, it had an element of mystery and a good helping of action and mystery.

But I couldn’t help but refer back to book two and wonder where that intensity had gone.


Worth the Battle (Book 4)

Out the Park!!!! Laramie is back on track with a book that had me wobbling with my commitment to Tyler from book 2.

This was such an intense read, the author took on a subject that required not only time, attention and dedication but also the most sensitive of touches and she absolutely nailed it, PTSD is huge, its effects and differences are massive and with Layne and Jessica, she picked the couple best suited to unfurl the story.

Layne, oh my heart ached for him, a quiet man that we have had mention of in the previous books, Layne’s life in the military has left him a shadow of who he was and who he wants to be. They had a shot at being together until Iraq, called time on what they had and Layne’s life took an entirely new direction and Jessica might have been the superstar but with Layne she didn’t have to put on any airs and graces, so when she need someone, there was only ever one man that she was going to reach for …and that man was Layne.

Now I was whooping at the thought that they might just make it after all and when the club took her under their wing so to speak, I was sure that they would be just fine but there was cloud of danger that hung around the club and Jessica was at the epicentre.

Could she survive, could the club protect her and what would having Jessica and her trouble back in his life do to the already fragile Layne?


Dirty Little Secret (Book 5)

I’ve taken a break from the series for a few days and this is the first book on my second bite at the cherry but would it pick up where the earlier books had left off…silly question!

I was riddled with questions for much of this book, there was so much going on that it was almost impossible to find time to breath.

Travis liked Christine, he had from eth minuet eh laid eyes on her but there wasn’t much known about who exactly she was, where she had come from and why?

I loved the fact that she had a mystery rolling around her and I could have applauded repeatedly at the amount of content that we had that was purely club related, the guys were up to their eyes in the messy stuff!

When the secrets are revealed and the club connection become clear, I couldn’t help but smile. I really enjoyed the change of direction almost with this book, the fact that all of the guys were pulled into the story and that history was laid bare.

Some aspects were dark, yes but I laughed and I smiled as the story wove its way through each of their lives.


Second Chance Love (Book 6)

I am not runny out of steam with this series, honesty but this is a very short review and that is only because I have little to say that would add any improvement to the fact that I think this is simply exquisite.

Rooster might not be the sheriff any longer and he hi doing everything he can to put right the wrongs but the main chance he is hoping to get is a second shot with the woman that got away.

Roni was the woman that won his heart in school but young love was thwarted but they might be on opposite sides of the fence on this because as much as Rooster is struggling, so is Roni she blames herself for the high school debarkle and she can’t let go of the fact that she feels that his punishment was her fault.

Can they cut themselves a break and give themselves the permission to try again?


Rough Patch (Book 6.5)

A sneaky little novella that showed the trap that many couples fall into, the comfortable oblivion. Bianca and Jagger are like ships in the night, they are barely even able to see each other anymore, not because they don’t want to but time and life have them pulling in opposite directions.

Worry, doubt and superstition has them heading to a dangerous place but a relationship is built on nothing if you don’t have trust and can this pair find their trust again?

This was super smart little read.


Beginning of Forever (Book 7)

I am in seventh heaven, its Tyler and Meredith again and while what they went through in book two was bad enough they survived and thrived but can they face a devil again and come through unscathed
What do you think???

This is Tyler ladies; he is not going to leave a single stone unturned or a wrong ‘un breathing when the person that keeps his heart beating is in danger.

You threaten his woman at your peril and there are some people who are just about to find out what being at the wrong end of Tyler’s wrath.

I flicked over the last page with a …. swoon!


Home Free (Book 8)

Don’t take my little review as anything detrimental, I just can’t add anything other than I loved this story, every single word was fantastic.

Drew and Charity are front and centre and their tale was a little different because it spans a lifetime almost, it is love in its purest form and is not only gloriously beautiful, it is so sweet.

Laramie completely excelled herself with this story.

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